Different Types of Toilet Safety Frames

Keeping a bathroom accessible is extremely important for vulnerable individuals to maintain an independent schedule when completing daily hygiene tasks, such as showering, washing hands, and even using the toilet. There is a range of bathroom safety aids that can be installed into any existing bathroom to ensure that these users can continue to live safely and independently. One of these aids is a toilet safety frame. These aids allow for the user to have an extra point of stability at their side when using the toilet, specifically when moving from seated to standing positions in the bathroom. There are different models of toilet safety frames that each come with their own functionalities, all of which will be discussed in this blog.

Freestanding Toilet Surround

A regular toilet surround is generally free-standing, meaning that you simply place it where it's comfortable for the user to access, and the rubber feet will keep it in place - no further installation is actually required. These aids generally wrap around the base of the toilet and allow the user two arms that extend beside either side of the toilet bowl. They can then use these arms to lean on, help themselves up, or simply have the comfort of extra stability. These arms are often equipped with a soft, comfortable material to make sure that the user can continuously use these without any discomfort.

Freestanding Toilet Surround with Toilet Seat

Freestanding toilet surrounds with an included seat help with two common issues - the first being of course stability, the second is the height of the toilet seat. With a toilet seat that is attached to the safety arms, the seat can be raised, allowing for less stress to be put on the user's joints and muscles. This aid is particularly useful for anyone with arthritis, or any kind of knee, hip, or back pain. This style of aid is height adjustable, meaning the user can set the height of the seat to whatever feels most comfortable to them, whilst constantly having the support arms at their side - also at a comfortable height. Installation is not dissimilar to the way that a regular, freestanding toilet surround can be installed, meaning that they do not require much installation at all. They simply need to be placed around the toilet seat to the user's preference. The only possible issue with this aid is that the arms are not designed with a lot of comfort in mind like a regular toilet surrounds.
Freestanding Toilet Surround with Added Functionalities

Just as many other safety aids on the market, some toilet surrounds are made with functional features that allow the aid to be used by everyone, not just non-vulnerable users. Commonly, toilet surrounds can be equipped with magazine racks, which adds not only a decorative aspect to the aid but a functional one too. These aids are excellent at blending into any existing bathroom space, and simply making the bathroom a better place for everyone to use.

Aids to Use with a Toilet Safety Frame

Many bathroom safety aids are great additions to the bathroom in conjunction with toilet surrounds. A very versatile option is a grab bar, which can be placed in many shapes and configurations to ensure that users always have something to hold on to and support them when moving around flooring that is often slippery. A removable, rubber, raised toilet seat is also a great option for users who may require the added height but would prefer a surround that doesn't have the seat included.

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